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SBB Sapphire

Forward Thinking, Smart Living

Bangalore's First Water Positive Residential Development

SBB Sapphire is Bangalore’s first water positive residential development. Built future proof and keeping our children in mind.

Homebuyers tend to consider important factors such as location, price point and amenities. A critical factor we tend to overlook is our natural resources. The one that Bangalore is running out of the most is water.

Utilising two new and innovative water conservation methods, buying an apartment at SBB Sapphire will reduce your dependence on water tankers, help replenish depleting borewells and build a better future. All this and more while saving you money.

Internet of Things

Smart Water Conservation

IoT devices such as water management systems help forward-thinking communities like SBB Sapphire by providing an accurate analysis of each apartment’s usage, every month. The system is so advanced that it can differentiate the water consumption from tankers, borewells or corporation pipelines. Residents and associations can monitor and measure water consumption and monthly billing by accessing the data from the cloud. Using smart algorithms, if there is an unnoticed water wastage from inside the house or leakage from a broken pipe, the end-user gets an instant alarm on their device. They can then immediately switch off the supply from the corresponding pipeline. Such systems have reduced water usage by almost 30% across communities that have installed them. Most importantly, you only need to pay for the water that you use, thus saving your money, and contributing towards a better tomorrow, through responsible living.

Biomimicking “ECOSTP” System

Harnessing Nature

Technology has now evolved to a point where we are now mimicking biological entities to design better living spaces. Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures and systems, modelled on biological entities and processes. By mimicking the stomach of the cow, the “ECOSTP” system treats sewage in a decentralised, self-sustainable way, in underground chambers, without power, chemicals or human intervention. It utilises functional principles and strategies of microorganisms and ecosystems found in the cow’s stomach to turn bad water into good. The “ECOSTP” system meets the Pollution Control Board requirements & specifications and is a Best Practice case study for the United Nations SDG Sustainability Asia PAC Report.

Planned with living in mind

Plenty of Light, Ventilation & Breathing Space

Home is a place of serenity and calm. A place to unwind. SBB Sapphire has been designed keeping conscious living in mind and the needs of the modern Indian family.

A Khata Guaranteed

Secure your investment with A Khata

A Khata properties are increasingly harder to find these days and owners without tend to face mounting difficulties in securing loans, access to Government services and more. Protect your investment and your home by ensuring the property you purchase today has an A Khata and is fully compliant with the BBMP guidelines.

RERA Approved & Compliant

Buyers protected under the RERA Act

Buyers from projects registered under RERA have access to all documents pertaining to the project from the RERA portal, are presented information in standardised formats, have quick and easy grievance resolution and will not face delays in handover of the project as the builder is bound to meet deadlines as specified in their RERA registration.

The RERA registration for SBB Sapphire is as follows: RERA No.: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/190222/002442

Vasthu compliant homes

Homes designed in consultation with Vasthu experts

Built keeping traditional Indian values at heart, SBB Sapphire homes are planned and designed in consultation with senior Vasthu experts top ensure both happy and safe living.

Convenient yet secluded

In the heart of Whitefield, away from the bustle

Close to work, shopping, healthcare and other modern conveniences while remaining secluded. Fresh air in abundance and the ease of day to day urban living.

Large Car Parks

Space for the Future

Large 16′ x 8′ car parks for large cars. Ensures it’s always easy to get in and easy to get out. No matter what car you’re driving.


128 Homes

108 2BHK & 20 3BHK


Smart Water Management

Water Positive


A Khata

BBMP, RERA & Compliant

Vasthu Compliant

Leading Vasthu Experts Consulted

Well Planned

Light, Air, Breathing Space

Power Back-up

On-site Power Back-up

Quality Construction

Grade A Building Quality, Practices and Materials

Swimming Pool

Full Size Swimming Pool & Separate Toddler Pool

SBB Sapphire has a wide host of modern amenities including a full size swimming pool and separate toddler pool


Modern Gym

As we become more health conscious, ensuring convenient access to a fully equipped modern gym that encourages us in our health pursuits is of utmost importance. At SBB Sapphire you will discover a the gym that meets your needs just steps away from your door.

Multipurpose Hall

Birthday Parties, Karate Class, Zumba Sessions and more

Foster a sense of community with a common area that meets the needs of the community. Plan parties, workouts, flea markets, hold meetings and just mingle with your neighbours. That’s what the multipurpose hall is for!

Lawn Area

Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day and more

A place to socialise, mingle, celebrate life and enjoy special days with your neighbours. Host outdoor flea markets, games and so much more in the common lawn area.

Child Safe Play Area

Watch your children make friends, socialise and grow

A child safe play area with engaging activities for the curious and playful mind.

Jogging Track

Walk, run, sprint, race, it's entirely up to you

Set in the spacious setback area of the property is a well planned and maintained jogging track for those who want to take a walk or run or exercise the dog or even cycle. It’s your space, enjoy it!


Ground & Typical Floor Plans

Feel free to download and browse our floor plans from the following link.

SBB Sapphire Floor Plans Online


Current Site Status Photographs



“Impressed with the quality, pace and forward thinking seen at SBB Sapphire. Looking forward to moving in!”

Anand Kumar
(Software Engineer)

“Great location, great value, fantastic team! Cannot wait to move in! Thanks Harish for all the help!”

Priya Kapoor
(Creative Professional)

“I love the enviromental aspect of the project. Water is a big problem these days and SBB Sapphire is tackling it head on!”

Namita S
(Software Professional)