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SBB Sapphire

COVID-19 and Unlock 1.0

Due to Covid-19, the market witnessed one of the biggest falls in a curve graph, therefore, risking the entire world into recession. The South Asian market is expected to incur approx 5.8 – 8.8 trillion in losses. The global outbreak has already put 1.6 billion jobs at risk. In such a situation, SBB Sapphire is providing affordable apartments for people around the world. SBB Sapphire understands the current pandemic situation and has made sure that they provide affordable best in class apartments for less than 100k$.

SBB Sapphire has taken the utmost precaution to limit human contact during visits. The Contractors are provided with masks, sanitizers to ensure safety for our warriors.

We also request all our customers to ensure maximum safety during lockdown 1.0.

SBB Sapphire is currently selling 2 BHK flats for sale in Whitefield as hotcakes.

We are providing the most affordable cost to acquire 2 BHK flats for sale in Whitefield.


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