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SBB Sapphire


SBB Sapphire is an exceptional private improvement venture in Whitefield, Bangalore. What makes it’s extraordinary is the main water positive private task of Bangalore.

With all-out assembled units of 128 homes, it offers you all around outfitted 102 2BHKs and 20 3BHKs Apartments.

All pads are structured with consistence to Vaastu and have been constructed keeping the cutting edge offices.

The area of this private venture will give you a strange encounter, away from the city hustle. A much-needed refresher is all you need in the wake of a monotonous day and we have it arranged for you.

Your fantasy house is additionally made sure about with A Khata. The propertyis likewise a grievance to all BBMP rules so as to help your home credits. We additionally offer a wide scope of present-day courtesies that incorporate a different pool for grown-ups and little children.

Exercise center, multi-reason lobby, running track, parking spots are additionally grown to give an advantageous way of life.

Properties in Bangalore have been in expanding interest for 10 years. Expanded estimating, absence of offices, bogus guarantees are something that has been in the pattern for a really significant time-frame. Numerous manufacturers postpone the task referring to wrong move-in dates to draw in clients. So with this into thought, SBB sapphire has been building the top tier property in Whitefield with all freedom acquired from BBMP to RERA. Stand-out property that has all freedom declarations acquired. SBB sapphire has been the argument among clients who incline toward Prestige or other Major brand designers. SBB sapphire arranged at the prime area concentrates more on water positive private turn of events. SBB Sapphire conveys the slogan of Forward-Thinking, Smart Living

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