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The novel coronavirus outbreak has been declared a virulent disease by the WHO. it’s gripped the planet with over 2.5 million infected, 7.7 million current recoveries, and 1.9 million casualty figures. the present death rate of Covid-19 is 3.4% but the infections have risen exponentially, which has forced people to remain indoors so as to safeguard themselves.

Most of the countries have declared complete or partial lockdowns counting on the number of infected cases being reported on a usual.
Economic Scenario:
The impact of the lockdown has hit the worldwide economy hard.
1. The necessary declines in trades, temporary ceasing of product distribution, canceled shipments have put halt to businesses.
2. Most of the business firms try to chop down manpower, which has rendered many unemployed.
3.RBI predicts the worldwide Economy to make up recession and there are very limited chances of recovery in 2021.
4. The world organization has estimated a shrink of 1% in the global economy.
5. Unavoidable increase the inflation rates will certainly affect the typical earning household worldwide.

Environmental Impact :
The tables have turned, the humankind is locked inside the four walls and also the nature is taking this opportunity to heal itself.
1. With the whole population staying indoors, the road moreover because the traffic has reduced to minimum, this has to hamper greenhouse emissions.
2. However, local waste management problems have risen. Volumes of unrecyclable waste have risen as many municipalities have suspended recycling because of the fear of virus propagation.

Political Scenario:
From the wet market of Wuhan to the town of the latest York, the Covid-19 has spread worldwide.
1. The increasing severity of the pandemic has led responsible games being rolled over between China and also the USA.
2. With different conspiracy theories developing every day, the political stakeholders are seen framing each other .
3. Most of the countries have immense shortage of essential medical equipment and safety gears for the medical staff, which has resulted in criticism of the govt. and has taken political turns.
4. The USA, on the opposite hand, is witnessing protests against the govt. . in demand of lifting lockdowns, challenging the govt. . to impose successful lockdowns.

Pressure On R&D:
With nearly 1.9 million deaths, the requirement for the Covid-19 vaccine has become of utmost importance. Scientists try their best to return up with a possible vaccine against the virus. Few of the BT firms are functioning on the manufacture of effective diagnostic kits and medicines like Hydroxychloroquin which could moreover be effective against a number of the symptoms of thecoronavirus disease.

Need Of The Hour:
Covid-19has definitely disrupted the way the planet normally wont to function. the planet must ready the coping mechanisms. sooner or later, this too will end. Till then, we’d like to stay ourselves and our loved ones safe to determine the brighter days ahead.

Social distancing is that the need of the hour. Eating healthy and boosting immunity is the need of the hour. Providing the required medical support to the frontline warriors is the need of the hour.


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