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COVID – 19 Advisory from SBB Sapphire


The entire world is undergoing this crisis, which has made us see the heartbreaking scenario’s over the past two months. Well, all of us follow the news day in day out and every hour about this. We should well appreciate the efforts our government has taken in terms of the precautionary measures in terms of isolating and not being in the crowd unnecessarily.

Some of the key points, which can help us all in fighting this menace.

  • Maintain social distancing
  •  Have a minimal distance of 1 metre with the ones having the symptoms of the COVID – 19 (Cold, Cough & Sneezing)
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and keep it clean probably with the alcohol-based hand wash or a soap
  • If you are feeling unwell stay back at home and rest, if feeling uneasy in breathing followed by fever do reach out to the COVID – 19 helplines (+91-11-23978046) and seek the medicos assistance
  • Use tissue paper or try to sneeze or cough using your upper sleeve and not your hands


SBB Sapphire urges everybody to stay at home and take precautions for the same.

Purple Yellow Blue and Pink Disease Prevention Coronavirus Awareness Poster (2)-page-001


  • Venkatesh Rao
    30th March 2020

    It is good to see . You are concerned about people sufferings with covid 2019. Thanks. Please send me full details of your project to victoryrao12@gmail. Com

    Thanks and Regards


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